Alex Berger by Shervin Lainez

Alex Berger by Shervin Lainez

Alex Berger

Alex Berger is a full service music industry photographer and creative director based in Nashville, Tennessee, represented by Jandy Works.

A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and an award-winning singer-songwriter*, Alex spent many years in front of the camera as an actor and then as a touring artist. These experiences greatly influenced his creative process as a photographer.

Alex is interested in working with artists to ensure their visual content is an extension of their style, personality and cohesive with their music.

Now more than ever, photography is fundamentally important to music artists. Not only due to the sheer volume of content they are expected to produce for social media, but more importantly, due to how music is discovered. We used to find music with our ears, hearing something new on the radio. Now we discover music with our eyes. We’ve all had the experience of looking through a new music playlist and listening to a song simply because the artwork was compelling. If the song then sounds like the image looks, the music’s impact is compounded.

Alex is always led by his client. His process is designed to encourage and collaborate on a vision that starts with the artist. And with each project, he wipes the slate clean and starts over.

Alex customizes each project’s team to match the artist’s personality and vision. He is proud to have a stellar team of hair & makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, set designers and videographers to call upon.

What is most important to Alex is that artists come away with images and artwork they feel as much ownership and pride over as their music.

Alex and his wife, Ayelet, live in Nashville, Tennessee with their two sons, Reuben & Doren, and their doggy, Chloe.

Alex is the Founder and Event Producer for 7x7.

*Best Story Song at the Independent Music Awards, judged by Tom Waits


Alex has the perfect creative energy to bring my ideas to life through the lens he uses. He has captured some of my absolute favorite shots for my artistry and personal life. I am so grateful to know a photographer in town who has been an artist and songwriter in his life. I have never felt more understood and comfortable in front of a camera than when I am working with Alex.
— Caylee Hammack, Universal Music Publishing Group
Alex Berger is an amazing photographer. That’s pretty easy to see. But what is even cooler and even more important in my mind, is his contagious positive energy. He is an absolute joy to work with and a photographer I plan on working with throughout my career.
— Abby Anderson, Black River Entertainment
Alex Berger is one of the most endearingly talented photographers I have ever worked with. Not only is he a warm charismatic character, but he also possesses an amazing eye for photography and creative direction. In addition, I don’t know anyone else who so readily invests their time diving into their clients’ visions before, during, and post shoot. His photos are always crisp and sharp, the turn around is impressive, and the communication is effortless. He’s just the best. End of story.
— Chris Jobe, Starstruck Entertainment
What I appreciated most about working with Alex was all the time spent before the shoot. He took the time to sit down with me to get to know me as a person beyond my music to ensure we would capture the most authentic image. As someone who doesn’t always feel super comfortable in front of a camera, Alex was great at helping me come out of my shell and feel completely at ease.
My team and I were blown away by the final images! Can’t wait to get back on set with Alex!
— Nora Collins, MV2 Entertainment
Alex’s photographic virtues are many — his instinct for light, the playfulness with which he approaches his subjects, his knack for drawing out the hidden emotion — all come to mind. But I keep coming back because he makes me feel like a superstar. His attention to detail, coupled with this ineffable quality he exudes, balancing fussiness — “I will get a great shot!” with informality — “We’re just hanging out here” makes his shoots something to look forward to. After that kind of bedside manner, top shelf results are kind of inevitable.
— Korby Lenker, Singer-Songwriter, Author, Actor

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